David Carroll Photographer
201 E. Government Street,
Pensacola, Florida, 32502
email - carrollphoto@sprynet.com

As an artist, I believe truly great photography inspires viewers to think, imagine, and grow. In photographing people I strive to capture the inner person, the character and charm. I want the viewer to see the preserved moment while visioning the future. It takes great effort to achieve a level of comfort with a photographer to allow the capture of that special sparkle in a child's eye, or a certain togetherness and smile on a couple that lets us know their souls have connected.

As a life long photographer, I am inspired to create art. My wife, Chitra and I met in the Art Program at Pensacola Junior College in the 1980's. Chitra followed a commercial arts and advertising direction while I followed a photography path and later I went into Law. Chitra has been an Art Director with the John Appleyard Advertising Agency in Pensacola, having previously worked for Lintas Advertising and Ogilvy and Mather in India. Upon returning to Pensacola from Law school I opened my successful Law practice in Pensacola. Chitra and I have always been connected by our passion for creative expression and perfection.

Please enjoy the pictures.

David Carroll Photography
201 E. Government Street
Pensacola, Florida 32502

email - carrollphoto@sprynet.com